Thursday, June 14, 2018

Vermont or Bust!

Next Wednesday - yes less than one week from now, I'm headed to Essex Junction, Vermont. It's show time again . . .

Seems like I just did this!

This is me at Quilt Market, last month, in Portland Oregon. My friend, Rhonda Pierce, marketing director for Schmetz Needles stopped by my booth at Quilt Market and snapped this photo.

Have you noticed that Schmetz needles are kept handy on every single package of Your Nest™ Organizers?!

Anyway, I'll be featuring Your Nest™ Organizers and The FLOCK at the booth next week. Shows like this are the ONLY time you'll be able to see the FLOCK blocks 'up close and personal' from Hummingbird Highway without being a member of The FLOCK. So be sure to stop by if you're curious!

Before the show, I need to prepare a display. And I decided to make up each block released so far as its own little quilt. For starters, I'm adding a coordinated border to each completed block. It's really fun to see each of the blocks with real borders on them, in many cases, for the first time!

Then I'm going to complete each block, envelope style. In other works, stack batting, backing (right side up), and bordered block (right side down). . .

Then pin around the outside edge. . .

And sew a 1/4" seam around the border edge, leaving an opening for turning. So I don't go seam-happy, I pin the layers all the way around, then I like to put two pins where I need to stop for the opening. Can I tell you how many times I get lost in the sewing and wind up pulling out the seam so I can turn the quilt? Let's not go there.

Two pins=stop sewing, Joan.

Before I turn, I trim batting and backing even with the edges of the quilt top. And remove bulk from the corners. Since I know these pieces aren't going to be anything but display pieces, I trim back pretty severely at the corners before the piece is turned. I don't know that I'd trim the bulk this much if this was a utility quilt.

I save those wool batting bits for my biscornu addiction.

Then pin the opening closed. And pin around the perimeter, plus a few basting pins in the center to reduce the wool-batting-puff-factor while I quilt each piece.

This way, I don't actually hand stitch those seams closed, I'll choose a decorative top stitch that follows right along that folded edge, closing the opening quickly.

Unfortunately, my morning sewing time came to an end before I could finish up my eight flock block mini quilts. Between now and my departure next week, I need to edge stitch and quilt each one.

Think I'll get them all done in time? I'm not worried!

Going to the show? Come see me in Miller South, booth S-30! And check out my finished FLOCK pieces in my display!

Happy Stitching!

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