Thursday, November 21, 2019

Even More Cookies

This cookie 'thing' has been going on for several weeks now.

Three weeks ago, I took aim at a stack of scrappy four-patches. The following week, an adorable cookie border stripe print inspired a holiday cookie mat. And last week, a few more four-patches and one last bit of the border print sent me on a new journey with less-than-pleasing (to me, anyway) results.

By the end of my sewing session, I had a light bulb moment and promised to share the results this week.

The problem was that green and white check seemed to 'need' something else.

In the far reaches of my mind, I recall having a roll of printed fusible interfacing with holly leaves and berries - Zig-Zapps by Quiltsmart.

Yet another stash-diving adventure turned up the very roll!

One panel will do. . .

I cut two 2" strips for the binding for this last installment of the Great Cookie Mat Caper . . and had just a skonch left for red berries.

Another stash-dive turned up a just-enough chunk of green.

I rough-cut the interfacing. . I'm opting for the larger of the two holly leaf shapes . .. and cut a slit in the middle of each interfacing shape to use for turning later.

Then placed the interfacing bumpy side facing right side of the fabric.

I fussy-placed the berry circles over the snowflake icing motifs.

Then sewed on the solid lines of the interfacing. . .

. . . .and trimmed on the dotted line.

Turned the fabric right side out (the bumpy fusible side is on the back.

Time to head to the ironing board with my in-the-ditch quilted cookie mat (second in the series).

Then arranged and fused the holly shapes.

Then blanket stitched around the edge with bright red fabric to off-set the green checkers.

And added a bit of free motion swish for the holly leaf veins.


Ready for cookies.

Or gifting!

I'll tell you one thing, I'm ready for a new project (or an old one) that doesn't involve four-patches!

Happy Stitching!


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