Thursday, November 7, 2019

The Magic Cookie Mat

Some projects are just meant to be.

I mentioned this stack of four-patches sitting next to my sewing machine last week. Most of the 3-1/2" four patch blocks are in wait-mode to become pin cushions.

Some, as it turned out this week, have a different destiny.

As I thumbed through the stack selecting my next pin cushion target, I spotted exactly nine similar four-patches. Solid green, plus candy canes and boughs on cream. Holiday themed.

They seemed to tell me they wanted to be one project, so I sewed them together. No idea where this was going.

The four-patch seams were already furled (or rotated) on the wrong side of the block. . . .

I simply continued the furling as the blocks were sewn into rows.

Makes for a flat, lump-less checkerboard center.

Now what?

The search was on for coordinates.

Down to the fabric storage in the basement (AKA the Ford Underground). I was hoping for some solid reds and greens, but what I found was an adorable Christmas cookie border stripe fabric illustrated by Janet Wecker-Frisch. Several years old. I had 1/2 yard of the border stripe, and 1/2 yard of the deep red with white cookie icing.

Once I found the fabric (buried in a box full of larger, set aside pieces) it was clear what this was going to be . . . a holiday cookie tray mat! Perfect!

Cutting carefully, I had just enough fabric for a small border of red, then the lightly iced row of cookies from the border print.

I mitered the corners on the top and had just enough of the border fabric to make the backing.

You know how the rest of this goes.

Prep for quilting.

I layered backing, batting, and the cookie mat top, and pin basted.




Ready for a quick photo (along with a couple elf models I made from a Heidi Boyd pattern).

And, of course, a holiday cookie tray. But that'll have to wait a little while longer. Thanksgiving, first, then cookies!

Nonetheless, I'm ready when the cookies are.

Even the back is cute with the red/icing fabric in between three of the alternate stripes.

This little project took a grand total of about 2 hours of sewing time - start to finish, including quilting and binding.

And a lot of luck. I'd bet that the right fabric is always right there in your stash, the luck comes when you put your hands on the right fabric at just the right moment.

Now . . .

These 20 green and cream four-patches could use a little Christmas magic, too!

Alternatively, I'd settle for some Thanksgiving magic. Jus' sayn!

Happy Stitching!


  1. I like the "cookie mat's" I've never thought about making any thing like that to set tray's of cookies on, but I have a lot of Christmas fabric and friends (and myself) who might like a cute/pretty mat to showcase the pretty trays of wonderful cookies. thanks for the idea. Leeana

    1. I know, right? We have mug mats for our favorite mugs, but why not a cookie mat? It's not a 'thing' as far as I know, but that doesn't mean we can't start something!