Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Headed South

Some very good friends are leaving town. They go south for the winter months. But they'll be back; they return every year in early May, as predictable as the seasons. I look forward to their visits each year. They stay about four or five months, then move on again as the cycle repeats.

I'm talking about the Ruby-Throated Hummingbirds that frequent our feeders all summer long. The picture is fuzzy, taken from across the room, while the male hummingbird rested on the hanger.

I just adore these little birds, and my heart sings at the first sighting each spring. The name of my company, Hummingbird Highway, LLC, is inspired by these amazing creatures. The Hummingbird Highway is the name of a road in central Belize.

The activity at the feeders is steady during the summer, but the pace increases during the month of August. In early September, the tiny birds migrate to Central America, traveling alone, rather than in flocks. They fly by day and rest by night. Until they get to the Gulf of Mexico, which they cross in one clip. Can you imagine?

I'm sad to see the hummingbirds leave our yard, but know they'll return in the spring. In their place, the chickadees, juncos, and blue jays compete for food at the feeders. It's their turn. Until May, I keep this link handy so I can get a hummingbird fix through the videos, as the chill of fall and winter settle into upstate New York.


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