Monday, September 21, 2009

To Market, To Market

So, if you are a quilter reading the subject line, maybe you were thinking this post might be about 'Quilt Market,' the big trade show in Houston. . . . no, not quite yet. Although I'm sure I'll have a detail or two about Quilt Market to post here before too long.

With the end of summer in central New York the Farmers' Market is the place to be!

The sights, the colors, the smells, and the gurgling tummy at the thought of all the tasty concoctions that will come from local farmers' fields. Doncha just love it?!

My sister and I grab our quilted Scrap Sack bags and come home with them full, arms weak from carrying all the veggies and goodies they can hold!

A couple of my favorite stops at the regional market in Syracuse, early on a Saturday morning, include the Pappardelle's Pasta stand and the Mu Mu Muesli stand. The flavored pastas make the most interesting taste combinations. And the muesli - it's pure breakfast yum! Note to self: Must try the  'Famous Amy's' muesli cookie recipe soon!

Enjoy the tastes of the changing seasons!


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