Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Defying Gravity

In December, I decided it was time for a little change. The sewing studio is getting a bit of a make-over. New studio equipment on order, new carpet. Exciting. But. . .

I think the panic set in for real when the carpet guy said I have to clear out the room for the installation. Obvious, right? Now, picture that movie, "The Blair Witch Project" - the woman with the flashlight at her chin, scared out of her socks over what might lie ahead. Funny, that's what flashed through my mind when Steve said, "See you on Wednesday!"

No, I'm not going to bore you with the 'before' pictures of the sewing room. Suffice it to say, the Scrap'Therapist' is doing a little self-help these days! (Where did all this stuff come from??) Will keep you posted on progress.

In the meantime, as long as half the country is currently enjoying chilly temperatures, I thought I'd share a couple of frozen images, right from my own back yard.

We've had a bit of snow here in Central New York. That's nothing new. But it's not how much has fallen, it's how it landed that seems to defy gravity!

Stay warm, and make more quilts!


  1. Love this Joanie and you know I don't make quilts:) Sherri K.

  2. That's a cute bird house picture. Pam Cristiano