Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Fresh Air

This past weekend, I headed to Minnowbrook Conference Center in Blue Mountain Lake in the Adirondack Mountains, about 15 miles north of Old Forge, New York. About 25 quilters gathered there for a quilting get-away.

The conference center is a perfect spot for a quilting retreat - there's plenty of room to sew and, back up at the spacious, rustic lodge, lots of time to socialize over a glass of wine or a tumbler of Bailey's (with a hint of carmel!).

Despite frigid temperatures, on Saturday, the clouds cleared away, and the sky turned a brilliant blue - perfect conditions to venture out for some fresh air.

You can only imagine the hidden summer treasure that sleeps below the surface of the Blue Mountain Lake ice.

A couple of white-tail deer greeted me along the path. They decided I presented little danger. They were right!

On my short 'adventure,' I met the property caretaker and chatted with him. He mentioned he had a pet macaw. We conversed about our mutual interest in birds, and he invited me inside his cabin to meet Cara. She is a beautiful Catalina Macaw and keeps him company inside the cabin while the snow falls just steps away outside the cabin through the winter.

Back in the conference center, Donna worked on her first quilt ever! Welcome to the world of quilting! Great job, Donna, can't wait to see what's next!

Do you have a mid-winter get-away planned? You never know who you might meet!


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