Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Thread with Attitude

So, I've been making an effort to get better organized. I recently added a spacious cabinet to the sewing studio, so the time seems ripe to purge and compress.

Everything was moved out of the studio to the adjoining room temporarily. Now that the carpet is installed and the cabinet is in, one by one, items are finding a home where they belong.

Except for that drawer full of thread. . .

Where on earth did all this thread come from? That old drawer was full to overflowing and tangled with unruly loose ends sticking out everywhere! Some spools new and untouched, some with just a few yards wound around the sorry center.

Roll up the sleeves, time for a thread attitude adjustment!

First the near-empty spools. Found a cardboard basket and in they go. They'll be the first to go when I'm piecing something scrappy. Ahh, feels better already!

Next, the 'ugly' colors. Oh, I know, "I might need that color . . . someday." If I haven't used it - or thought about using it - in a year or more, it's got a target on it. Into the piecing basket it goes.

Finally, the unruly threads. Now this is cool! Hugo's Amazing Tape. Have you seen this stuff?? It doesn't stick to anything, except itself. Wrap it around the spool capturing the loose end, and VOILA! It's clear, so you can see the thread color. Comes on a huge roll - so there's enough for those of us who have lots of thread, a-hem! And it works on other stuff too, like electrical chords (can you say, 'computer spaghetti?').

Ask for it at quilt shops and craft stores - I got mine at Calico Gals. It's about 2" wide, but it can easily be cut in half to fit nicely around a thread spool. Shops can order it from distributors, like Brewer Quilting and Sewing Supplies.

Problem solved. Well, sort of. Let's say problem's improved!


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  1. Hi Joan- Seems like a good time for that type of job to me too. Enjoy the new floor covering, cabinet and organized work space.