Thursday, August 4, 2016

Meet, Greet, and Eat

Last week seemed like such a whirlwind! To start things off, my friend Shelly received a big fat ribbon at her quilt at AQS Quilt Week in Syracuse. On Thursday evening, with the show just over for the day, several Splendid Sampler designers and a whole lot of Splendid Sampler "Splenderettes" headed to Calico Gals for a meet up just about half-way through the Splendid Sampler block introductions.

Pat Sloan, who had planned to be in town for the AQS show, had a last minute family emergency and had to cancel. No worries. Flat Pat came to the rescue to stand in. In fact, Flat Pat paired up with Calico Gals owner, Janet Lutz to greet the Splenderettes as they arrived at the Meet up!

Annie brought her super-organized completed block notebook as well as a big smile to the shop to show and tell. Wow! (By the way, Annie, thank you for the amazing gift!. . . and Barb, too! So sweet of you!)

Bonny (in the green) and Sally (in the blue) were stylin' for the AQS Show, for Row by Row and for the Splendid Sampler Meet-Up. Very fun, ladies!

Patricia gathered designer autographs for her quilt. But Pat Sloan was not there to sign! No worries, Flat Pat stepped right up to the plate and performed her duties!

Splendid Sampler Designers in attendance, Debby Brown (Splendid Quilter Extraordinaire), Victoria Findlay Wolfe (Block 72), me, Joan Ford (Block 84), Michele Foster (Block 24 Inspector Sidekick), Flat Pat, and Jacquelynne Steves (Block #76)

So many blocks and their makers were on display . . . and you could count on Flat Pat for a photo bomb!

All these Splenderettes make a girl hungry. Several of the designers headed to Syracuse's famous Dinosaur Bar-b-que. Flat Pat came too, but didn't eat much . . .

But Flat Pat being the gregarious type that she is, fit right in at the Dinosaur hostess hut!

Back at the show, I took the opportunity to take a close look at more of the winning quilts. This amazing Best in Show winner was spectacular!

Dave and I wrapped up the weekend with a trip to the Downtown Syracuse Arts and Crafts Festival. These Melon Bowls from Vegetabowls just had to come home with me! Aren't they cute?

It seems craft shows make you hungry, too! World Famous Funk N Waffles in Armory Square came to the rescue after a wander around the craft fest. Yum!

With all that excitement last week, what could possibly top it? Well, I'm off to Newtown, Connecticut and the Taunton Press to do the final photo shoot before the next book goes to the layout process. But first a quick weekend in the Adirondacks to slow down!

Happy Stitching!
Joan Ford

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  1. Thanks for posting about this fun day! It was awesome to get such great feedback on my blocks from fellow quilters. Looking forward to your block release!