Thursday, August 18, 2016

Straight Plate

This week, I've been catching up on a bunch of piecing with more than a few triangles involved. And I have a simple reminder to tell you about.

Sometimes you can't avoid inserting pieces point first. And that means every once in a while the sewing machine can get hungry, munching the first few threads of the fabric right into the needle plate.

This happened to me a couple times this week. Then I realized that I had the solution right in my sewing machine toolkit. . . . A straight stitch needle plate!

The straight stitch needle plate is on the left (above). The regular needle plate is on the right--notice the small circular hole instead of the longer horizontal slot to accommodate the needle. The straight-stitch plate virtually eliminates that pointy-point of the pieced fabric from getting 'sucked' into the the sewing machine bed.

It's also my go-to fix-it when I have some minor tension issues during machine quilting.

That one little equipment adjustment to your sewing machine can really save your sanity.

Not every sewing machine comes with a straight stitch needle plate, so you may have to head out to your dealer to purchase one. It'll be worth the trip!

Now, I just have to remember to change the needle plate back if I decide to do any decorative stitches. Otherwise, I'll be the proud owner of a broken needle!

Happy Stitching!
Joan Ford


  1. What can I say Joan...except leaders and enders

    1. See now, even with chain piecing (I do that ALL the time - rarely work on one project or one block at a time!) some point or other gets sucked into the machine. Changing the needle plate to the straight stitch plate seems to work better than any other techique. Jus' sayn!