Thursday, September 1, 2016

That Box . . .

Earlier this year I showed you a picture of a box.

Well, I finally opened the box. And guess what was inside. . . Another box!

. . . Containing my Silhouette cutting machine. This thing can perform magic . . . . or so I've heard. Now I have to get up the gumption to open this box!

I simply haven't had time to take that next step to experience it myself. I should say that I haven't MADE the time to experience it myself.

To give me that little push that I needed to open the box and learn how to make this Cameo Silhouette Cutter hum in my quilty world, I enrolled in the All Things Silhouette Class with Shelly Stokes. She has become an expert on the topic, and you should see the stuff she's done with it! This is Shelly.

Then I got super busy with writing my next book (due out in Spring!). Book deadlines came first, and now that that's on to the next phase and not requiring so much of my attention any more, I'm anxious to get on with it with the Silhouette.

So I begged and pleaded, and Shelly took pity on me to move me over from the class I signed up for in May, so I can actually DO the class starting in just a couple weeks. I think I need a partner in crime to make sure I stay on track. Are you game?

Do you have a Silhouette machine still in the box? Or maybe you have one and have tried it out, but think there might just be more to this super-duper piece of technology for your sewing hobby. Or you've been thinking about making a purchase and this just might be the push you need to treat yourself to a really cool quilty tool? Why not join me?

Class starts on September 19.

I can't wait to get started. You?

Happy Stitching!
Joan Ford


  1. You will have had your first class now Joan. How did it go? I don't have a cutter like this, but I have seen some beautiful shapes cut by others.

    1. Yes, the first lesson was available yesterday morning. I'm a bit distracted as I'm headed off to a guild about 3 hours away this afternoon for a workshop tomorrow. So I only got to listen to the opening segment. This section is broken into several parts, so it's easy to chunk it down into easily digestible parts. I listened to the first short video, and I'm hoping to be able to spend a bit more time with the rest of the sections later this week and over the weekend. Shelly is a real pro, so I have every expectation that I'll learn all the ins and outs of this machine. . . and by the way, I did open the box the rest of the way! ;)

    2. These cutters really are amazing, Lynn. I expect Joan will be posting some of her adventures as we move through the class. (That's a hint, Joan!)