Thursday, September 22, 2016

And the Winner Is. . .

All summer long, if you've been following along here, you've probably seen the reminders for those who have been swapping Ribbon Star Blocks. Well, this group has been having an awful lot of fun this summer, and I've got the pictures to prove it!

Starting way back at the beginning of the summer, Ribbon Star Block Swappers were given a miniature beach ball and they were instructed to go out and have fun, and swap blocks! At the end of the summer, the picture, which included the ball, representing the most fun would win big. Here are the particulars of the contest.

With summer's end, it's time to name our winners! First, I have to say that it was very, very difficult coming up with a winner, and thankfully, I had a few extra prizes contributed by my very generous quilt/pattern designer friends to spread the love to three additional runners up. Let me tell you, this is one traveling bunch of quilters - from Cooperstown, to Key West Florida, to British Columbia. Wow! Many, many, many thanks to everyone who participated. I wish I had prizes for everyone, but a contest is a contest after all.

First the Runners Up.

Brandy Michelbrink took this photo entering Goldstream National Park on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. She says the trees were as wide as her truck! I love the way the reflection of the ball makes it look like there are two, one just a few steps ahead of the other. Brandy, you'll have some sewing to do with the goodies that are headed your way!

Sharon Reynolds was quite the traveler this summer. Out west she (and her beach ball) managed to visit Quiltique in Las Vegas to visit one of the Row by Row patterns I created, played the slot machines, and took in some awesome scenery. But in the end who doesn't like a great love story? Beach ball meets snow ball and falls in love. . . Awww!

Jana Pratt's clever tag line says it all: "'Wow! These palm nuts get bigger every year'", says the tiny anole living on the aloe under the palm tree." If you look very closely at the lower right corner of the photo you see the 'tiny anole' with what sure looks to me like a puzzled look on its little 'face.' It made me laugh out loud!

And last but not least. . . drum roll, please . . . The grand prize Having a Ball contest winner is . . . Monica Richardson, Under the Sea in Bermuda! By nature, a beach ball likes to float, and I'm pretty amazed that this one came face-to-face with some pretty awesome deep sea critters--is that a blue-striped grunt checking out this strange round red-and-white air bubble? Monica, it sure looks like you're having a ball, and I think you're going to have plenty to keep your fingers busy with all the goodies coming your way!

Here's a picture of the Grand Prize booty!

A million thanks to everyone for following and playing or swapping along. And a HUGE thank you to the prize sponsors! Without them the contest wouldn't have been nearly as much fun. They are (in no particular order)

    •    Aiming for Accuracy Pattern Co., Michele Foster, patterns
    •    Debbie Brown Quilts, Debbie Brown, FabuLux Thread by Wonderfil
    •    Heidi Boyd, Stitchery kits
    •    Gina Martin, Fabric and patterns
    •    Pat Sloan, Aurifil Thread collection
    •    Perkins Dry Goods, Celine Perkins, patterns, and notions.
    •    Eva Paige Quilt Designs, Beth Helfter, pattern and fabric kit
    •    Hummingbird Highway (that would be me!)

You wanna join the fun? You can swap ribbon star blocks too. Click here for the details.

Happy Stitching!

Joan Ford

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