Thursday, August 11, 2016

Oh, Shoot!

Since I'm still in traveling mode as I write this note, I'll be quick and dirty with this week's update.

Last weekend started out with a trip to Blue Mountain Lake in the Adirondacks for a Syracuse University Alumni event. Our speaker for the conference is the director of the Sport Management program at the Falk College at SU. I completely expected to be bored to tears with sports as the main topic of the event. This was absolutely not the case!

The $500 billion sports industry encompasses more than just the major league baseball and professional football events we see on TV. Many times throughout the discussions, I found myself thinking about how I might apply the topics to my own tiny little quilty business!

And of course, experiencing the venue, a Syracuse University-owned-and-operated Great Camp turned conference center, is a treat all by itself. Even the cookie dessert tray followed the Adirondack theme (see the moose cookies?).

It's not all work and no play during the weekend, Dave and I headed to the Adirondack Museum for Saturday afternoon free time. It was a dog day (see the furry guy in the doorway?)

The view of Blue Mountain Lake from the museum is breathtaking. Having an absolutely stunning day for the outing didn't hurt, either.

Following the weekend activities, I headed to Newtown, Connecticut, headquarters to The Taunton Press. On the schedule was the last big photo shoot for the third book in the ScrapTherapy series, due out in Spring 2017.

We had a loaded schedule of several dozen 'process shots' to take for the how-to sections of the book.

Since this isn't my 'first rodeo' I knew what to expect, and we got right down to work using the samples I made in advance. A very detailed list of photographs to shoot is prepared from the edited text. A first-timer might expect a glamorous photography studio as the back-drop for the photo shoot. The reality: not so much.

Nearly all of the photo-shoot took place on this paper-covered desktop within a bare-bones room! (I'm supposed to be paying attention here, but once the shot is set up, there isn't much for me to do (except sit still!) while the camera transfers the photo to a larger computer screen so the clarity, color, and brightness can be adjusted - so you got a Cheshire cat smile!)

Throughout the process, there were four of us present, each having a different role. Scott, the photographer. Carolyn, my fabulous editor who made sure we got all the pictures we needed to accompany the text. Rosalind, who made sure the pictures told the story that is intended. And moi.

Lights . . . camera . . . more lights. . . computer. . . SEW( . . . and smile!)!

Happy Stitching!
Joan Ford

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