Thursday, October 3, 2019

It's Fall Y'all

This has been a crazy week with lots going on. Last Friday night, Dave and I were guides for the annual neighborhood ghost walk. Not what you might think. . . . There are two ghost walks each year, one in the Spring through Syracuse's oldest cemetery and another in the Fall  through a historic Syracuse neighborhood. 

If the 'spirits' favor us, we encounter historical figures from local history along our short route.

They are actually actors portraying their historical counter part. Always interesting! Always informative. Always a lot of fun!

Above, the 'ghost' of educator Edward Smith who made his contribution to the local area in the late 19th and early 10th century tells his story in front of the school that bears his name.

As darkness falls, Mary Salisbury, just stepping off 'her' porch in the foreground, tells of her life as the wife of the world-famous Syracuse China Factory owner. Once upon a time, you could flip over a plate in almost any fine dining establishment in any part the world and you'd find the Syracuse China stamp on the bottom of the plate or saucer.

The Ghost Walk through the Berkeley Park neighborhood continues this weekend. Local folks can make a reservation to meet these an other interesting ethereal characters at the Onondaga Historical Association. Call them to reserve your spot. It's really fun!


There goes Dave again with another yard project. He found an untouched patch of grass on the side of the house that 'needs' to be a flower bed. He's had this seed of an idea germinating all summer, and finally got motivated (his garden has had a few surgical set-backs this year) to start digging. Truth be known, I think he prefers weeding flower beds to mowing. If it means more flowers, I'm all for it!


And Monday was our wedding anniversary! We celebrated 19 years of wedded bliss with a nice dinner in the lakeside town of Skaneateles, about 20 minutes from our home. Do you know how hard it is to find a nice restaurant open for business on Monday evenings?


Back at home, my needles continue to progress along with these alphabet blocks. Once I finish T (for Tulip and Tent stitch), I have four more blocks to stitch (X, Y, and Z are together in one block), then the fun part of making something quilty out of all these blocks begin.

Oh my, dare I say, I can see the light?

Phew! Seems like a busy week around here. Lazy summer days are certainly receding quickly into the past!

Happy Stitching!



  1. Hi, Joan! Where did you get your hoop? Do you like it? What size is it? Inquiring minds, you know! Glad you are having such great adventures!

    1. Hey Sharon, Great to hear from you! That is a Morgan hoop! My favorite. I have them in many sizes and I use them for all types of embroidery and quilting. They have opposite grooves inside the inner and outer rings that hold the fabric in place better than anything I've tried before. I find them at shows or online. Some quilt shops have them, but you have to hunt.

      That one is 9" diameter, but I also have 5", 12" and 14" (for quilting). I seem to have lost my 7" hoop in the shuffle of projects and was thinking I should get another, because, you know, you can't have too many of these things!

  2. Thanks so much! Happy needlework! Sharon