Thursday, October 17, 2019

Old Friends, New Friends

Over the weekend, the Thomas J. Corcoran High School Class of 1979 (my alma mater and class year) celebrated 40 years of life after high school with a reunion event at The Palace on James, a local historic theater.

We were also treated to amazing decoration from Balloons Over Syracuse! The Palace was completely converted to a party atmosphere with Maroon and White balloons everywhere!

My friend and classmate, Kathy Eastman, and I were in charge of organizing the event.

No small task to gather class mates from 40 years ago for an evening of delicious food, adult beverages, and lots and lots of laughs and smiles.

As you can see from the picture below, we barely managed to pull the crowd together in one place for the group photo. Looking at the correct camera in unison was another challenge entirely. 

The party was a HUGE success, lotsa laughs, hugs, and remembrances. Some folks are already strategizing about the next meet-up. It's nice to have some good old friends who know you 'once upon a time.'


This week, I also spent some time with my new 'friend' the Learning Curve Ruler. I mentioned this in-between project a few weeks ago, here and here.

I have finished all the units I need for a longish scrappy table runner.

Almost. . .

I started sewing the rows together, but planned out the pressing configuration for the two units or 'methods' I'm using - method 3 and method 6 as per the instructions that come with the tool.

With the curved elements coming together near the seam intersections, the seams stack up and get bulky. As shown in the photo below, I rotated or 'furled' the four-patch seams (circular arrows) while pressing the Method 6 blocks (in different rotational directions) on each end of each row. Then pressed the middle seam on the Method 3 unit (in the center of the row) so it opposed the two four patch seams on each end (mini straight arrows). That way, the seams that join the 3/6/3 units nested nicely and distributed the bulk evenly across the intersection (squiggly arrows).

There is a lot going on in this photo, and I know it's a little confusing. Basically, I planned ahead and used common pressing techniques as I constructed the elements to accommodate bulky seams.

Did you notice? The blocks aren't complete! Each one is missing its center.

I have the scraps picked out, and I've cut the blue dots from the yardage for the 'background' centers

Why not sew them into place!?

Why not, indeed!

The secret to the next step on this project is lurking somewhere inside the new Stitchery Crossover membership group. CLICK HERE to learn more! And to be honest, I'm not exactly sure what that next step is. BUT, I have an idea.

Perhaps, we can find the answer together.

Jus' sayn.

Happy Stitching!

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