Thursday, December 31, 2009

Not again!

Here we are, it's New Year's Eve and it's that time . . . again! A new year, a new decade. . .  where did the time go?! What's your New Year's resolution?

I don't know about you, but I still have holiday sweets leftover in various hiding places. A few more cookies in the tins on the kitchen counter, that box of yummy chocolates from Esther Price on the coffee table, the package (or three!) of Gertrude Hawk smidgens in the family room, the homemade sugar-coated pecans right here on my desk (mm-m-m, yum!). If I start a diet tomorrow, that means I gotta eat everything in the next few hours ('cause you know I'm not going to throw it away!). That doesn't even sound appealing.

So here's a thought. This whole ScrapTherapy program . . . those leftover scrap quilting fabrics, tossed in a bag, in a bin, or in a corner. This could be interesting! It's time. Organize them. Use them. And have fun with your favorite hobby in the process!

Spending time in the sewing studio, using up perfectly wonderful leftovers (fabric that is), is so much more fun than spending the next week coming down from a last-minute New Year's Eve sugar high!

Speaking of scraps, here's a variation on Fly Away, one of the newest ScrapTherapy patterns. Even this baby size quilt uses up lots of scrap fabrics, plus, I've been dying to use those delicate blue and green prints in something

And, then there's Sue's project. Sue started the Something Fishy quilt during a workshop this past fall. So that she could finish all the piecing in time for holiday gift-giving, she alternated fish blocks and background blocks for a great variation on the pattern, simple as that! These aren't just ordinary fish, however, they are happy fish and they now have a happy home. I'm told, four-year old Sean just loves his new quilt, made with love by cousin Sue! Terrific, Sue!

By the way, I'm already busy working on the next ScrapTherapy projects. Watch for them in a couple short months. So exciting! And so much fun!

Here's my list of resolutions for 2010 - Sew something everyday, use up scraps, and have fun sharing and spreading creative energy!

Have a Wonderful, Safe, and Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A True Story

With Christmas only about a week away, I thought you might enjoy this variation on a familiar theme. The "Sgt. Ford" referred to in the poem is, in fact, my husband and this really happened to him last year. Enjoy!


'Twas the night before Christmas
And all through the mess hall,
The soldiers were restless
Planning many a phone call.

The deployment was over,
From Afghanistan, they'd come,
But a holiday with family
Simply could not be done.

To Fort Bragg they'd arrived,
All safe and all sound.
Paperwork, physicals,
And meetings abound.

Before they could fly home,
Via military transport,
They had to check boxes
On forms and reports.

When out from the office,
Did the Commander shout clear,
"My family's in North Carolina,
And we have no reindeer!"

"Sgt Ford, you're selected!
To bring Santa's sleigh
For the party this evening
and the kids who will play."

"Here's a box with a suit,
It has a hat and red trim.
Get dressed for the party,
And be wearing a grin!"

To the barracks Ford went
To don the suit from the box,
Just in time to discover
It was missing the locks.

The suit was all there,
No boots, but who cares.
The red coat and red hat,
But no facial hairs!

With the feast in one hour
There was no time for passes.
It was off to K-Mart
On Christmas Eve with the masses.

To the back of the store,
And the front of the aisle,
No beard or hair-do
Would be found for a while.

A call to the Commander
To deliver bad news,
"Christmas with Santa, it seemed,
Just could not come true."

Commander to children,
Tucked in the back seat:
"You don't mind that St. Nick
Had to shave to be neat?"

"Security is tight,
On military bases, you see,
So to reveal his identity,
Santa, clean shaven, he'll be."

The kids both agreed,
"Santa's Santa, no matter.
The beard is no issue.
Let's get on with the clatter!"

So Santa arrived,
No beard on his face,
And he sat down to visit
With Tommy and Grace.

The humvee was parked
Outside the front door.
The reindeer, he told them,
Waited for the grand tour.

With all satisfied,
Santa went out to his deer
For his trip to deliver
Lots of toys and good cheer.

And as he drove the humvee,
To catch up with the sleigh,
He wished, "The best of the Season,
And a great Christmas day!"

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Festive Finishing!

A few years ago, my sister gave me a bunch of cross-stitch pieces. Beautifully done. Colorful. Several of them with quilt blocks incorporated into the cross stitch patterns, holiday patterns, florals, and hearts. There were probably about a dozen rolled up canvases, all different, ready to become 'something.'

My sister, who doesn't sew, requested: "Make something out of these, no rush." She did the work on them when her daughter, my niece, was taking ballet lessons. You know the drill, mom in the background, waiting during rehearsals, reading, knitting, stitching while they wait to provide the ride home. My niece is thirty-something, now. Got married this summer. Doesn't need a ride home from ballet lessons anymore.

Every once in a while I pull out the cross stitch canvases. Get inspired. . . or not. A few have become pillows. Others wait their turn. Waiting to become something.

Last week, I ran across those canvases again, while moving fabric from one part of the stash to another. Decided to play. Pulled out some scrap fabrics (I have a few of those!), bought some fabric (I love doing that!) and dug in. During a workshop last Friday, Eddie suggested that I make some quarter-square triangles to mimic the X in the stitchery (good idea!).

And then the project had a life of its own. Sew. Test. Cut. Sew some more. Play. Sew. Trim. Turn. Quilt. And voila! Add a few jingle bells and a door. A project started in 1989 (the date on the stitching) is complete a mere 20 years later!

Here's a challenge for you: Do you have something lurking in your stash, waiting to become a gift this holiday season? Skip the mall! Shop in your stash instead.

Now, what do you think I should do with these?