Thursday, September 6, 2018

Wedding Bells

First things, first. I finished the daisy that I showed you last week. At least the cross stitch part. Now I just have to build this into something like a pillow, a wall quilt, or . . .something.

I think I mentioned, that this pattern, found in a recent cross stitch periodical, had lots of similar white and green threads with very few large patches of color.

So, the stitching went slowly, and it was challenging for a smallish piece.  I am happy with it, and I'm glad to move it on to it's next step.

With the daisy done, I switched gears back to some blackwork blocks, possibly for another biscornu, or maybe I'll work these into a quilted project. Not sure. These are both the same pattern, one dramatic white on dark blue and the other, I'm just starting, with variegated thread on white canvas. Not sure where this is going yet, we'll see.

And this little project is yet another cross stitch kit. (I think I'm going through a cross stitch phase!)

I spotted this somewhere online and purchased the kit from Little Beach Hut. It's called Hogs and Kisses, and it's two little hedge hogs kissing. My husband's second cousin is getting married this weekend and she has a hedge hog named Pickles.

When I saw the kit I thought it's a perfect little add on gift for her and her new husband, only problem is Little Beach Hut is in England, I'm not. And the wedding is this Saturday. The kit arrived two days ago (isn't this just adorable packaging!) and I almost immediately started loading up the needle. I'm pretty sure this won't get done in time, but it's nice to get some gifts after the wedding . . . right?

The real gift for the couple is this lap-sized quilt made from the Chunky Lap Quilt pattern. I made this one years ago, but it has never been used. The bride-to-be likes orange, and this has some nice soft peachy-orange prints and flowers. I hope she likes it.

A closer look at the quilting reveals an all-over quilting pattern that I did by machine. It's a modified bishops fan pattern with alternating flower-petal shaped fans at varying intervals. The chunky quilt also features a extra wide binding and lost of space for all-over quilting.

I hope they like their gifts, even if one is a little late!

Ah well.

The Chunky Lap Quilt is available from the Hummingbird Highway. It has been recently been added as a pdf instant download pattern, and it's only $4! The pattern includes two versions - one that uses 8 half yard cuts, and one that uses 16 fat quarters - essentially the same pattern - just different types of fabric cuts.

It's great if you're looking to chunk up your stash and put it into something useful - like a wedding quilt - in a hurry!

Happy Stitching,