Friday, February 10, 2012

The Week in Review

It's Friday.

For those who work a standard 5-day work week, it's time to celebrate.

And reflect.

When I look back at my week, I like to review what I wanted to get done and what I accomplished, and maybe celebrate with a nice dinner along with a tasty glass of wine.

So, this week was no different than any other.

I'm sure it's no surprise to most, I've been working on some new quilt patterns. Scrappy ones. Could there be another book in the works? Hmm. Patience.

Lots of times, a new quilt starts with some scratchy notes in a notebook. Messy stacks of paper on the corner of the desk. And a few sewn samples. Just to see. No commitments yet.

Then it's decision time. A fabric or color theme. Additional fabrics, then the sewing begins. Somewhere in the middle, there always seems to be that twist in the stomach - at least for me. "Who would want this?". . . "Am I crazy?". . . "Does this look good?" And the point in the creative process where I just want to stop. Turn back! Abandon ship! Sometimes I do.

Most of the time, I keep going. "Let's see what this wants to be."

Was this really a good idea?
So, here I am. It's Friday and I'm somewhere in the middle of piecing a new quilt.  This week, I made some 900 (!) small half-square triangle units. Then trimmed them. Yikes!

Trimmed and trimmings
The weekend ahead may hold some interesting developments in the sewing studio . . . Or not. Shall I 'abandon ship?' Or forge ahead?

What did you accomplish this week, and more importantly, will it be red or white with dinner?

Enjoy the weekend!