Thursday, October 28, 2010

Exciting Times!

I can't believe it's already the end of October and I'm headed off to Houston for Fall Quilt Market in the morning. Unlike many of the past trade shows, this semi-annual show finds me in a bit of a transition.

Exciting changes are happening for the ScrapTherapy program - no longer autoshipped to enrolled shops - retailers may be pleased to know that absolutely nothing is required for the quarterly inventory purchases. The same great patterns, recommended notions, and tips - the best parts of the program remain unchanged! In fact, I'm working on the next project right now. Here it is, in progress. Isn't it beautiful! (At least it is in my head!)

And the Snap Sack Small Quilt Kits are changing too! Shops may now purchase kit-your-own packs in two quantities - 24 packs and 12 packs. So smaller shops can play, too! I can't show you what the next Small Quilt will look like - don't want to spoil the fun. It's due to start shipping in early November (oh my gosh, that's next week!). Alright, here are some hints - it's featured month is January, named Winter Chill, and includes four shades of icy blue! Love it! Ask for your kit at your favorite independent quilt shop!

Two brand new patterns are available. Chunky Quarters and Chunky Halves starting this Market. Almost too easy, and definitely way too much fun to assemble! Your favorite quilt shop can prepare kits for you so all you have to do is sew your lap-sized quilt together! A great gift!

If you are a retailer and want to know all the latest product information from the Hummingbird Highway, go to the home page of either of my websites, or to subscribe to periodic e-nouncements! If you are a quilter, tell your LQS to get on the list so you don't miss one thing!

As if all this isn't enough! A new website is under construction, so watch for changes and be careful of the construction dust!

Scrappy Trails to you!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Week in Review

Dave and I finally had the chance to run away for a little week-long vacation. So, if you aren't bored with stacks and stacks of vacation pictures from this past summer, here's a few more.

We first headed to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. We stayed at The Brickhouse Inn, a wonderful bed and breakfast right in town. There are two buildings on the property, one dates to 1863 and has the bullet holes from the first day of battle in the brick to prove it. Daily breakfast included your choice of dessert! So I started each day with a slice of Shoo-Fly Pie, a Pennsylvania Dutch classic!

We started our journey into Civil War history with a trip to the Visitors Center. Amongst the many artifacts, a pair of gloves worn by General Lee intrigued me. They were grey, of course. Each day of the three-day battle was reviewed in depth. One room was completely dedicated to the Gettysburg Address, shown here dramatically printed on frosted glass.

Later that day, we toured the battlefield, specifically seeking out the 122nd New York Infantry monument at Culps Hill. Why, you might ask? On the side of the monument it reads "Organized Onondaga County, NY. Mustered into service at Syracuse, NY August 28, 1862." Hey, that's home!

A couple days later, on our way out of town, we stopped at Boyd's Bears. Four floors of stuffed bears and animals. Wow! This little guy with the blue ribbon found his way into our car for the trip home!
On to Washington DC. Museums, museums, museums! Spies, portraits, American Indian, and News. And a new monument. There sure is a lot to see in DC!

Our neighbors seemed nice. They were just across the street from our hotel in this little cottage. We didn't get to see them.

A couple days, and a lot of gushing rainfall later, we were on to West Point for a football Saturday at Michie (pronounced like "Mikey") Stadium. What an experience!

The cadets, dressed in white uniform, sit in a large section of the stadium. When the Army team scores, the cadets jump out of the stands to do push-ups - one for each point on the board, while the announcer says, "Drop and gimme [fill in number here]!" At the end of the game, both teams stand at attention for the school anthem (below).

Final score: Army 35, Temple 42.

Too bad the home team lost, but it was great fun and perfect weather.

Back home again, and back to business!

Happy travels,