Monday, March 8, 2010


It certainly has been a while since my last post. My, how time flies when things get busy!

"Busy doing what?," you might say. The next two ScrapTherapy patterns are due to arrive in quilt shops very soon, and it seems there's always a frenzy of activity just as the patterns are about to be released. Here's a 'sneak peak' of the Series 10 patterns, Dog Gone Scrappy and Framed! Take a look at the ScrapTherapy website for more details.

Both projects are just too much fun to make. Dog Gone Scrappy is a machine applique pattern, based on a traditional Scottie dog motif. Use the new Dog Gone Scrappy printed interfacing by Quiltsmart to make the scrappy-dog applique. So cute! Tons of scrap fabrics disappear into this quilt.

Are you headed to a graduation party this spring and need a gift? Maybe you're invited to a summer wedding and you're scratching your head trying to think of something unique to bring. Perhaps you'll enjoy making Framed! This scrappy picture frame uses Texture Magic to make the puckery-framed border. Perfect for a special occasion! You can even use the scraps from the grad or wedding quilt to make this perfect go-along.

As always, you can find ScrapTherapy patterns, classes, and gadgets at participating quilt shops listed on the website!

Enjoy the new projects!

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  1. Hi Joan - I am smiling at your Scrap Therapy additions this morning. So happy for you successes and love Dog Gone Scrappy! Thanks Joan.