Thursday, October 24, 2013

A Moose is Loose!

Last Wednesday, I headed north and east . . . way north. My destination was Rangeley, Maine to be the guest instructor for Fall Quilt Camp, hosted by Threads Galore Quilt Shop, owned by Carol and Dan Perkins.

On my way from New York to Maine, I passed through Vermont. While in Vermont, I couldn't help stopping at the Vermont Country Store, famous for hard-to-find vintage products and their mail order catalog business.

Hmm. This is interesting. Although I'm not sure a 'soak' would be enough for this tired old a--!

I remember these! The Charlie Chip guy used to deliver to our house every week!

While I was still planning my trip, Carol suggested that I should try to complete the drive in daylight. The moose were making their presence known on the roads around Rangeley. Moose? Seriously?! Well, I took Carol's advice and planned my time on the road accordingly. However, I have to admit, I really didn't expect to encounter any moose!

Sure enough, as I was approaching the end of the drive, I crested a small hill and there she was! I slowed down to a stop in the middle of the road and watched her cross right in front of me. She then sauntered down this dirt path. I pulled up the car, rolled down the window and frantically grabbed my phone. I HAD to get a picture or no one would believe me (including me!)! Fortunately, "Molly" (that's what I named her) turned and flashed a moose-y smile before she wandered off into the woods. It's not a great picture, but it's a moose alright! I have to say, I was floored at her size! So big!! Memorable!

I settled in at the Country Club Inn with my moose-tale ready for anyone who might listen! In the morning, this was the view from the sewing room! Saddleback Mountain Ski Resort in the distance to one side. . . .

 . . .  and a whole lot of pretty to the other side. It's hard to imagine how anyone could concentrate on their sewing project with a view this incredible!

But we did! Twenty campers arrived and started sewing on Thursday. Everyone worked on one of two projects for the weekend. Star Gazing or Stained Glass.

Both projects involved a lot of chain-piecing. Here's Lucy showing off her garland of Star Gazing parts.

Our sewing space at the inn was the center of activity.

Before long, pieces turn into blocks and blocks started to look like quilts! Here's Karen and her project. She looks happy with things so far . . .

Time for a 'field trip into town, about five minutes away by car. Across the street from the shop, Rangeley Lake, with one or two boats out on an unseasonably pleasant weekend day.

There's the quilt shop!

Inside, it's cozy with lots of choices to complete the project.

As the weekend progressed, several quilts started surfacing. Zig was one of the first to finish her center.

Sue created a striped fabric for the sashing by sewing colorful strips together, alternated with white.

Jill finished her top on Sunday morning, made with six blocks instead of four or nine.

And the whole group with their accomplishments for the weekend. Amazing!!

As I headed back home, I was sad to leave all the serene beauty of northern Maine behind.

But, at least I can say, "Been there! Done that! Saw a MOOSE! And got the fat quarter (thanks, Betsey!)!!

Until next time . . .
Happy Stitching!

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