Thursday, July 24, 2014

Alaska or Bust!

After many long months of planning, I headed out of town for the Breakfast at Sea Alaskan Quilt Cruise with Quilt Retreat at Sea. Scroll down to see the first installment of the photo album from our incredible journey.

It's a long, long flight from Syracuse to Seattle, where we were to board the cruise ship. A glance out the window on the plane, and a dramatic change in the size of the mountain (volcano) peaks, and it was confirmed. . . almost there.

Arriving in Seattle a couple of days ahead of the cruise launch, I was able to spend some time with a dear friend. After lunch and a short walk along Alki Beach, I had to do a double take--Statue of Liberty--I thought I had left New York?! This one was a gift to Seattle from the Boy Scouts.

Beautiful Seattle from the west.

. . . and from Pike Place Market.

After a day of spa pampering, Ashley and I ventured out to do the 'tourist thing' at Pike Place Market.

Where you can find, seafood. . .

. . .  more seafood. . .

Veggies. . .

. . . and fresh flowers. Lots and lots of them. At a very reasonable price!

This poster had to come home with me!

Undercover Quilts, in Pike Place Market was a 'required' stop!

Mmm. Yummy fabrics!

Back at Ashley's house, a familiar silhouette in some high branches. A good omen, I think!

Finally, it's time to set sail . . . Our vessel, The Rhapsody of the Seas.

On board and a peek over the balcony. Holy luggage, Batman! It's amazing how all this gets delivered with unbelievable efficiency!

And we're off. Beautiful Seattle in the sparkling sun from the ship.

While, far off Mount Rainier looms.

The first of many desserts on board. The Sail Away cake was SO yummy!

We made lots of new friends. Some of them crafted from towels!

The washroom in the state room was a half-step up. This picture pretty much captures what I looked like every time I had to 'go.' It must have taken me three days to get used to that stupid step up.

The scenery along the coast follows a consistent theme. Mountains. Water. Clouds. And a bit of sun here and there.

And majestic.

Our first port. Juneau, Alaska.

Brooks directed us to our first tour bus. He's a recent transplant to Alaska. When asked whether he planned to stay past the summer tourist season, his reply: Depends on whether I find a girlfriend. So here's a shameless plug on Brooks' behalf: He's available. Tall. Quite pleasant. And a real cutie pie. Know anyone?

RainTree Quilting in Juneau, was our first quilty stop since boarding the ship.

No one found anything to purchase. (Yah, right)

What a surprise . . . Terry photobombing Helene as she contemplates her next quilt project.

We continued on to Mendenhall Glacier.

Wow. Just wow!

That's an eagle perched on a ice float, one of many spotted on the trip. This one was not making the terns very happy.

More birds. Baby barn swallows.

And beautiful wildflowers everywhere you looked.

One more quilt shop stop, Changing Tides in downtown Juneau.

Quilty fabrics, and tons of gifty stuff.

Time to head back to the ship, so I can continue tripping my way into Alaska!

To be continued  . . . (yes, incredibly, I have more pictures to share next time!)

Happy Stitching!

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