Thursday, January 29, 2015

Double Duty

I left Syracuse early in the morning two Saturdays ago. The temperature gauge read -7 degrees Fahrenheit (that's a minus sign in front of the 7, in case you missed it!). By the time I landed in Ontario, California, it was early evening and it was significantly warmer outside. 

Ontario Convention Center

I planned to arrive in California a day early for the Road to California workshops I was leading. That extra day allowed for travel delays (there were none to speak of), and a little down time once I arrived. A chance to check out the Convention Center, just steps away from my hotel, and to take in the sights and scents of summer time, still a long way off in central New York. This rose, on a bush right outside the Convention Center smelled heavenly!

California roses

Monday's workshop at Road to California was Chopped. You start with a whole mess of squares. . .

scraps for Chopped quilt pattern

. . . then make even more half-square triangles. . . .

half square triangles for Chopped Quilt Pattern

. . . and eventually you get some blocks.

happy quilter making the Chopped quilt pattern

. . . times 25 or so in the class!

Happy quitlers with their Chopped quilt blocks

On Tuesday, we worked on the 99 Bottles quilt from ScrapTherapy, Scraps Plus One! We were so focused on the project, I didn't manage to take any pictures. Regardless, it was a fun group and project!

Then it was time to head home. All too soon, I might add.

No worries. A quick change of clothes--unpack warm-weather clothes, pack cold-weather clothes and a sewing machine and head back out again to a ski-vacation rental near Gore Mountain in the Adirondacks, northern New York.

Adirondack ski rental home

Beautiful rustic interior.

adirondack ski rental

Quilters certainly know how to convert a regular living room into a quilting studio in no time flat. I happened to snap this picture first thing in the morning before 'production' was in full swing.

In between the here and there, I had a note from Mary. She visited my booth at a show last fall and purchased one of the Mini Scrap Grid packs. She tweaked the pattern a bit to make Valentines ornaments (out of 9-patches) for all the residents at her mom's senior living center. She didn't share a picture of her project, but I played a bit with a square of the grid and came up with this version following inspiration from Mary.

I worked with only one 9-patch section of the grid to give the idea a test-drive. Place squares cut from two bright pink scraps and one background square on the grid. Fuse. . .

Taste of Nectar Pin pattern variation

Fold and sew. . .

Taste of Nectar Pin Pattern variation

Snip, press, and furl. . .

Taste of Nectar Pin Pattern variation

Ta-da! (For more detail on the Mini Scrap Grid how-to, click here)

Taste of Nectar Pin Pattern variation

Add borders, a backing and the fusible foamy stuffing to give the pin structure.

Taste of Nectar Pin Pattern variation

Add a little heart-shaped quilting . . .

Taste of Nectar Pin Pattern variation

Attach the pin to the back with some perle cotton.

Taste of Nectar Pin Pattern variation

Pink the edges. And you're done. . .except . . .

taste of Nectar quilted pin variation

I wanted a more heart-shaped shape. So I re-pinked around the heart-shape.

Taste of Nectar Quilted Pin pattern variation

What do you think? Better as a square? Better as a heart?

By the way, just in case you want to make some for yourself or for your sweetheart (or your mom's senior living community!), you can ask for Taste of Nectar Pin Packs (and refill packs) at your favorite quilt shop, or find them at the links shown. The packs even have the foamy batting and pin backs included! What a deal!!

Happy Stitching!

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