Thursday, February 25, 2016

Trip Notes

The last couple weeks have been crazy, crazy! Non-stop travel.

As of last week, I was headed out of Atlanta toward North Carolina. Concord, specifically and We're Sew Creative quilt shop for a trunk show and workshop.

If you're making The Splendid Sampler™ blocks, then you might pick up a trick or two from these ladies who were organizing and sewing tons of little 1" scrap squares into the 99 Bottles Quilt during our workshop. There were boxes with lots and lots of tidy compartments . . .

. . . Chris used her pins to make square skewers - kinda like shish-ka-scraps!

With the classroom full, shop owner Jennifer Roycroft had to get creative. When all the chairs are occupied, a ladder will do!

A day off in between events and an excuse to explore Charlotte. Charlotte is considered the Queen City of North Carolina. And every queen has a crown, right? Charlotte's is atop the Bank of America Corporate Center.

My hostess (and driver) for some fun-time in Charlotte, Janice Pope of Anything But Boring patterns.

Kinda quiet right now. Panther Stadium. Super bowl 50 2nd place finishers. Eh, well. Looks like a great place for a game!

Lunch at the Mint Museum was amazing. Birdies painted on the walls overhead!

A quick shop stop at my Raleigh workshop Host: Wish Upon A Quilt.

Oooh. Look at these tempting tulip-shaped fabric bundles!

This is where things took an unfortunate turn. My next stop was a delicious lunch. Unfortunately, lunch must have contained an ingredient to which I am highly allergic. The next couple of days were challenging. Many thanks to those at the two Raleigh events for their understanding of my less-than-par situation . . . We made it through, didn't we?!

On to Fayetteville, NC, and the Tarheels Quilters Guild for one more workshop and trunk show. The workshop: Chopped. Here's Thea with the block she finished during the workshop - one of several!

Happy Stitching, y'all
(See, I learned a new Southern quilty word)!



  1. Oh! I haven't seen Janice in ages. I bet you had a fabulous time because she is TONS of FUN!!!