Thursday, February 9, 2017

Sea Sewing

A quick photo journal from the highlights of the Scrappy and Happy 2017 Cruise that wrapped up last Sunday.

Winter toes need a little TLC before they make an appearance. Pokey-spots, and ready to go!

To avoid potential travel delays involving flights to and from Syracuse, New York. I arrived at the hotel a day early. The coy fish in the hotel pond didn’t seem to mind the chilly Florida temperatures.

Just down the road from the hotel in Port Canaveral is the Manatee Park. No manatee, but plenty of birds to see!

On board, ooh, there’s a Starbucks!

A cabin-pet. . .

A beautiful ship! Oasis of the Seas carries up to 5,400 guests. This is the view from the back of the ship looking toward the front and up from Deck 6. Behind me is the outdoor movie theater and dive pool. The curved shapes along the sides are balconies for the rooms overlooking the 'boardwalk' neighborhood.

A view of the ship from our first port, Labadee, Haiti. Beach time!

Back on deck, the sun sets on a beautiful day in Haiti.

. . . and smiles on our next port: Falmouth, Jamaica.

Lots of vendors set up at the port. Jewelry, rum, clothing, and crafts are available for purchase. Bargaining is allowed! Leave it to me to find some birds!

Back on board ship, quilters were busy assembling their quilts. Quilting time is available 24/7.

Quilt workshops happen on the sea-days. So everyone can enjoy the ports if they wish. Or come back a little early for a stitch or two!

This is the life! Quilting. Beautiful ship. Tropical ports.

On to Cozumel, our last stop. Lots of shopping, and bargaining. Something about this sign . . .

The ship’s photographers are everywhere. By the end of the week, the photo lounge is full of happy faces and captured memories.

One last day in Port Canaveral for me before the flight back home. A walk to the beach . . .

. . . and one more opportunities to put the pokey-spotted toes in the surf.

Walking back to the hotel, peacocks everywhere! I’m told the neighborhood is a hot spot for them. They are welcomed, and even traffic comes to a stop to allow the birds to cross the road at will.

You know, there is something about a week at sea, sewing, laughing, sewing some more, eating lots, and sewing, shopping. . .  so much fun!

But do you really want to know the secret sauce? It’s not the sewing, the food, the baubles . . . it’s the people! New friends, and quilty acquaintances . . .

. . . Table mates and serving staff!

My table mates for a week full of fun dinners: Front row: Rose, Kim, Kelly. Back row: Richard(OK), me, Nancy, (hey, who’s the photo bomber!), and Harry.

. . . and a little something to bring home to preserve the memories. Couldn’t resist this hand-beaded piece from Cozumel!

Let’s do it all again. . .

. . . but different! Join me for my next quilt cruise. This one is with Quilt Retreat at Sea. Our ports: St. Maarten, St. Kits (including a special excursion to the batik factory), and Puerto Rico. I canNOT wait! March 2018. Talk to Michele ((210)858-6399) and get on board.

Here is the very first sneaky peek at the fabric for our on-board project. Brand-spankin’-new pattern is in the works.

Happy Stitching!

Joan Ford

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