Thursday, September 14, 2017

Road Work Ahead

I’m packing again. Headed out of town for about a week or so. And you know what that means. . . .

It’s time to take a look around the studio for some travel-friendly projects to take on the road with me.

To begin, sustenance is critical. Pretzels are always good because they keep stitching fingers relatively clean. Since I’m not a big peanut butter fan, and you can find the peanut butter filled pretzels everywhere, these looked intriguing . . so they’re coming along.

I don’t like to bring too many projects when I’m on the road. So I like to focus on one ‘something’ that will hold my interest for the time away. I’ve had this project underway for years! I’ve brought it along on some recent retreats and to Alaska a few weeks ago. I’ve made some good progress. . . So it’s on deck.

The appliqué on all the small blocks around the outside are finished. When I started this all those many years ago, I thought the starch method was the best thing ever. I’ve since seen the light and prefer the back basting hand appliqué method. Unfortunately, a lot of the pieces were prepped for that other method. It’s a wrinkle. The center medallion and the outer swag, added after the blocks are sewn together, remain to be sewn.

Looking at the blocks, I kinda want to spruce them up a bit. Maybe add some embroidery . . .

So before I pack them up for travel, I want to back each of the blocks with Face It Soft to add a little extra body for the hand stitches. I used it for many (if not all) of the Splendid Sampler embroidery blocks in my quilt.

This stuff is the best! It’s woven and needles wonderfully. It’s fusible so a quick pop with the iron and it’s fused in place on the back of the blocks.

Can’t forget to bring my collection of bright and fun threads. Perle cottons by ArtFabrik and some neon six strand embroidery threads to use in moderation for a pop of bright here and there.

And a few stitchery books for reference.

I dunno, am I forgetting anything?

Maybe a toothbrush, and some fresh clothes, right?

Happy Stitching!

Joan Ford


  1. Hi, Joan! Where did you find those brownie-filled pretzels?!?! Someplace locally? Inquiring minds want to know! Thanks! Safe travels.

    1. Hey Sharon! . . . Yes! I found them at Wegmans. I wasn't even looking for them and they jumped into my shopping cart. Imagine!

  2. Thank you. I needed to know that as well. I have some friends coming over who would like them.