Thursday, October 25, 2018

Hitting the Road. . Again

Next week, I'm headed to Houston by car for Quilt Market and Quilt Festival.

Seems like I'm barely getting reacquainted with my sewing room and I'm off again.

This time, the travel is work-related, but it's still be a lot of fun!

I'm driving from Syracuse, New York, all the way to Houston (a total of about 22 hours in the car). Feels like I have a little more flexibility to pack up the car with booth decor and product (mostly Your Nest Organizers and The FLOCK stuff) that if I shipped all that stuff.

Now some may think that's crazy, but I kinda look forward to that time in the car. I'll catch up on some podcasts (Radiolab is one of my favorites and I'm a few episodes behind). Maybe listen to some audio books. I'm in the middle of a history book (inspired by my recent European vacation), and maybe I'll finally start The Outlander series - I picked it up once, but it didn't grab me so I want to give it another try. We'll see if the second time is the charm.

Once I arrive in Houston, there's all the booth set up and reconnecting with old friends and meeting new friends. It's fun, even though it's a lot of work!

You know what I don't look forward to? . . . packing the car!

Tomorrow, I'm making a round-trip run to the manufacturer of Your Nest Organizers in the Albany, NY area. That'll be the first load.

Once I get home, I've got a pile of stuff for the booth that needs to fit in between the bigger boxes full of Your Nest's . . .

Even though Dave actually helps to pack the car - and he's very good at it - I get very anxious as the pile of stuff that 'has' to go gets bigger and bigger. It always seems to get in the car, but I'm never quite sure how.

Because Dave isn't coming with me to Houston, I won't have my car packer with me for the return trip. So there's only one thing that has to happen - I have to re-distribute everything I bring with me to lots of happy customers. So do me a *big* favor - if you're going to the show - either Quilt Market or Festival - come see me! I'll be in booth 1153 for the both events. And help me spread the love! Tell all your friends, too!

Chat Books

Speaking of happy customers, I just have to share this one thing I found - I actually didn't find it, it found me!

You know how you come back from a holiday or vacation and you want to share your pictures with friends, and you spend tons of time scrolling your phone with your fingers while you're trying to describe something that you know you have the perfect photo to fit what you're trying to express, but you can't find it? Hate that!

The other day, I was toodle-ing around on Instagram and an ad popped up for Chat Books (I am not affiliated with this company in any way), but I just had to share how cool this little app is!

I downloaded the app onto my phone. Selected pictures from my vacation - about 100 of them - spent maybe 15 minutes arranging them in order and choosing a cover shot. Then I selected the size of the book and checked out with my credit card. In about a week, a book full of pictures - my pictures - beautifully presented in a bound paperback book (I could have chosen hard cover) arrived in the mail.

I had not heard of this particular app before (have I been living under a rock?) but for a grand total of $25 or $30, and only about 30 minutes of my time, what did I have to lose?

This was a perfect way to capture some of the highlights of my vacation, but imagine the possibilities. Keep an annual picture-record of your quilty works-in-progress and finished items. Capture all of the fun with the kids and grand kids from season to season.

The only minor set back I saw was not being able to add captions to the photos - but I know if I had that option, this would never have gotten done. And I can always go in with a permanent marker and make notes on the pages or add stickers with comments, but I doubt that I will. It doesn't need it!

Anyway, just thought I'd share. 

Happy Stitching!

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