Thursday, January 11, 2018

Pretty Ice-y

Least week, the news was full of the 'bomb cyclone' that headed up the east coast, creating heavy snow, all kinds of travel delays, and hyper-cold temperatures.

All the initial reports said that Syracuse (my home town) would be on the very edge of the storm, with limited snowfall predicted.

All that changed on Friday afternoon. I guess the storm decided to head a bit further east. It was bad enough traveling through the weather for our Friday night plans, but once we got home, we were stuck there all day Saturday, socked in by several inches of snow and severely cold weather and wind. Our snow plow guy didn't clear the driveway until Sunday morning.

Fortunately, we were warm and safe inside with plenty to do without venturing too far away from the house.

Only a few steps outside the front door, the snow, clinging to surfaces where it doesn't usually, created chilly but beautiful textures, worthy of quilt inspiration, perhaps. A few photos follow to document the short-term wonder.

A snow seagull rests in the drifts outside my basement workroom.

Normally protected from snowfall, this wall is speckled with a random snow pattern.

Snow clinging to the woven chairs creates texture and contrast.

The snow clings like popcorn to the leeward side of the porch supports. White and all its variations.

In summertime, this is a climbing rose. For now, it waits patiently, like I do, for a change in season.

The textures were so rich, that it was difficult not to touch them. By later Saturday afternoon all these speckles and popcorn formations were gone.

Sometimes it's nice to stop and smell the roses - or the snow roses, depending on the time of year.

Have I inspired you? Makes me want to snuggle under a quilt!

Happy Stitching!

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