Thursday, December 13, 2018

Something Legendary

In almost every culture, dating back to biblical times, the raven - a large, intelligent bird completely covered in black feathers - has earned a legendary reputation as trickster, provider, secret-keeper, and conspirator.

In scripture, the raven is said to have been the first bird Noah sent from the ark to look for land. In Norse mythology, Odin had two ravens that would serve as his eyes and ears and report daily to the deity. In England, according to legend, the presence of ravens in London, particularly at the Tower of London, ensured that the British empire was secure.

For indigenous peoples of the Pacific Northwest, the raven is revered as a trickster. In an ancient story, the Raven, originally with white feathers, stole the sun, moon, fresh water, and fire from Gray Eagle. While flying away with the firebrand, the ashes turned the raven's feathers black. 

I know you've heard me blabbing on about Your Nest Organizers before. But with less than two weeks until Christmas, I don't want you to miss an opportunity to polish off your gift list with a little something different.

Raven is one of the three newest colors of Your Nest Organizers, and perhaps, in my humble opinion, it's the most versatile.

Similar the trickster it's named for, the Raven Your Nest Organizer is a clever desktop organizer. Even though it was developed to hold your most-loved sewing tools, it's great in other environments as well - office, dormitory, kitchen, craft room, work bench.

Raven--black--goes with just about every decor; it's a hot decorator color, it's gender neutral, and it looks sharp! It can be collegiate (Did you see the Army / Navy game last weekend? Yay, Army Black Knights!). It's just a cool little gadget that keeps your stuff handy.

My favorite feature is the scoop placed diagonally across one corner. A rotary cutter fits perfectly in there, but that's also a perfect resting place for a cell phone! 

And it's the perfect size for a stocking stuffer.

Plus it's in stock - all seven colors - including Raven. And it'll be there in time for the holiday, but only if you order soon.

Happy Stitching!

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