Thursday, September 5, 2019

Fair-ly State-d

Around here, it's kinda tradition. Syracuse is pretty much the geographic center of the Empire State, so the New York State Fair is just a stone's throw from my home.

Since I was a kid, an annual trip to the fair at some point during the last couple weeks before and including Labor Day weekend is almost expected from central New Yorkers!

Usually State Fair week (it's actually 13 days long) starts the thermometer on an upward trajectory along with high humidity. This year, the weather was a bit milder than usual. So my sister and I set out on Labor Day Monday after a few morning showers cleared away.

Weather or no, one of our favorite stops is the arts and crafts displays.

Everything from quilts to woodworking, all hand made by individuals who live all over the state is on display and in contention for ribbons in a variety of categories. . .

This caged bird was a unique entry. . . and of course its A BIRD! So I had to take a closer look!

Always nice to see items made by someone I know personally. . . . Congrats to all the ribbon winners!

The local news gets into the action too, making this building and display one of the hot spots of the 13-day fair run.

Just outside the building where the quilts and other goodies are, there is a raptor area. Most of the large predatory birds in this exhibit have been injured and can't be returned to their natural habitat.

This bird (below) seems to be jones-ing for an extra mouse with his/her handler. The spotted owl below, below shows off his beautiful feathers and human-like facial features

What State Fair visit is complete without a visit to the animal competitions? By Labor Day, the larger farm animals have already left the grounds, leaving the smaller domestics like poultry and rabbits on display  . . . 

And of course, the Fair food. I splurged on this delicious rib platter from the Dinosaur Bar-B-Que stand.

Need I say: YUM!

Following the main course, you've gotta have dessert. Off to the dairy building (don't you love the cow print on the picnic tables?) for a peek at the butter sculpture while debating which ice cream flavor to have!

Almost every day, the main entertainment stage offers free entertainment. On Labor Day, my sister and I joined a couple thousand of our 'closest' friends to see Gavin DeGraw in concert. He's one of my favorites - blue-eyed soul/pop. The concert was excellent, if you're into that kinda thing. . .

The rainy-day start turned into an absolutely lovely day and evening. As we walked back across the bridge to where the car was parked, the sliver of a moon could be spotted in a colorful evening sky.

A fitting end to a wonderful summer weekend! And so the sun sets on the Fair and the 'official' summer season all at once.

Time to get down to FALL stitchin'!

Happy Stitching!

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