Thursday, August 29, 2019

There, There!

Off I went to the retreat last weekend. What a great time and fun bunch of crafters!

We arrived at White Eagle Conference Center (The Grove) in Hamilton, NY - near Colgate University.

The area is quite remote and the scenery and grounds, just stunning. The perfect place to run away for some peace and quiet and to do some stitching!

The main lodge in the Grove area of the complex houses the dining room. Our sleeping quarters were rustic little cabins. The sewing took place in a separate building.

This photo is looking up toward the lodge (where we ate) from the edge of Lake Moraine.

If I turn around in that exact same spot, the lake is now in front of me. This photo is early in the morning, as the mist was rising from the water.

Late summer flowers are in full bloom everywhere. Someone really cares for these garden spaces!

Not sure, but this might be a beech tree.

Fuzzy-coated nuts have spent the summer getting to this stage.

For a moment, I thought I might have been transported to a different place and time. This classic Thunderbird convertible belongs to the the part-time bartender for events at the conference center facility.

Don Brown is a New York Yankees superfan! (D'ya think?!) Upon retirement, he decided to treat himself to this classic car, and decked it out in pin stripes and Yankees logos. A Mickey Mantle look-alike, he takes the car to events to raise awareness for Organ Donation in Mickey Mantle's name. You might say he's pretty passionate about the cause (and Yankees baseball!) The car is signed by two of Mickey Mantle's sons as well as Goose Gossage, Hall of Fame pitcher.

Back inside, a girl has to keep her strength up to support all the creativity going on.

Fortunately, there were a few snacks on hand. . .

Around the room, lots of different creations were coming to life.

We had quilters. . .

 . . Embroiderers and needle pointers. . .

Several ladies were working on intricate stitching on hand-painted canvas like this one featuring silk ribbons and other unique fibers.

I managed to finish a couple of beading projects. And I completed the stitching on the peacock - formerly a bookmark, now soon-to-be -- I'm not quite sure -- either a pillow or a wall-hanging. It needs some fabric borders. 

Plus a new little blackwork project found its way into the 'projects underway' pile!


My biggest observation from my chair near the snack table was that all of these projects were coming together in their own good time. No one seemed pressed for time, and deadlines seemingly disappeared into our surroundings, laughter, and good gab going on around the room. 

Sometimes, it takes getting away from the usual day-to-day activity to be reminded of what's important. We do this stuff because the journey is enjoyable and satisfying. The people you meet are more important than ticking off the stuff on your list. . .

I'm already looking forward to the next retreat!

Happy Stitching!

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