Thursday, August 15, 2019

The Ides of August

Okay, so technically, that was August 13th . . .but here we are somewhere in the middle of August . . . already.

Being in the middle feels frustratingly, oddly half way from and to . . . Plus, after a week or two of successful medical procedures and preparations around here, and as last weekend approached, I was having a stare-down with some of the projects stuck in mid-needle. I needed to START and, more importantly, FINISH something. QUICK!

I needed the satisfaction that only a finished project would bring, and nothing I had started was close enough for a finish. Weird, huh?

So-o-o. On Friday, I pulled out my stash of floss and selected a variegated thread, and two coordinates (I ended up needing a third coordinate), a small piece of 32-count lugana cloth for cross-stiching (maybe about 6x12"), and a new book full of biscornus that I've had for a few months now (a birthday gift to myself back in May), had drooled over, but hadn't used yet.

I followed the chart, and by Saturday afternoon, I had the stitching part done. BUT there was enough room on the cloth for a second chart, but not if I cut the first one off - my small hoop wouldn't fit on the fabric that was left. Not wanting to waste the fabric, I selected a few more threads. This time only three, not four were used. . . . And a second panel was completed.

Cut apart. Leave an allowance around each stitchery. And start the final assembly. This was sometime on Sunday evening. I love working with 32-count fabric - over two stitches the panel is about 16 stitches per inch - but that also makes the backstitching very VERY small, so the work is tedious, but satisfying.

The weekend slipped way without the desired 'finish,' however, the finish was in sight.

Another Monday evening session, a movie, and lots more tiny stitches and stuffing. And two more biscornus are complete!

VERY satisfying! And quite fun. I may make one or both of these into a key fob or zipper pull. . . . Or not!

Oh, and the juicy birthday biscornu book, from which this pattern came? La Passion des Biscornus (aff.). It's written entirely in FRENCH! Completely appropriate since Biscornus are said to have originated in France.

My French is VERY rusty (I took 5-6 years of French classes way back in my high school days). But this book is pretty special, filled with unique biscornu offerings in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Fortunately with a little help from my translation app, I can decipher enough of the written language to follow along. Technically, if you already understand biscornu basics (I highly recommend this book (aff.), if you're just getting interested in making odd-shaped puffs of stitchy fun), the charts are really what you need and those are written in universally understood 'language.'

I sorta have a 'thing' about biscornu lately . . . more on stitchy stuff from me soon! I promise!

Happy Stitching!

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