Thursday, August 1, 2019

Summer Cleaning

Earlier this year, Dave and I set a goal to spruce up our master bedroom. I don't have a traditional matched bedroom set - more of a smattering of pieces from different collections. Which I like! Mostly.
We've been trying to replace the bed and 25+ year-old mattress and actually purchased both back in April, and have run into one snag after another with the delivery. Long story, not interesting, and pretty frustrating. Yes, it's now August, and this really shouldn't be a monumental task but the new stuff hasn't been delivered yet . . . I won't bore you with those details.

As a diversion, this weekend my attention turned to this piece of furniture tucked between two windows (temporarily) when we first moved into the house (20 years ago).

Yes, this is a Bakers Rack, normally a piece of furniture you'd find in the kitchen. Since that space between those two windows is only about 40" wide, it's difficult to find something that is functional and fits nicely in that space - most pieces are either too wide or too narrow. So the bakers rack was placed there *temporarily* 20 years ago. Yeah. I know. That doesn't sound temporary to me, either!

Bakers rack fix

I really wish I had a 'before' picture of this shelf - particularly the top half - but I'm also really glad I don't have a before picture. Take my word, it was a MESS!

Because we're running into so many issues replacing the bed and mattress (again, not going into those details), I decided to make do with the bakers rack a bit longer. But the mess had to go. Keep in mind this is the 'after' picture. You'll just have to imagine the disgusting layers of dust and stacks of odd jewelry boxes and extra button packages and what-not that accumulated here.

organize with boxes

Before the clean up started, this cheapo piece of furniture needed a little TLC. The whole thing leaned forward just a bit and wasn't stable.

The more top-heavy it got, the more the tilt, and the less stable it became. A righty-tighty turn or two of the octo-wrench on each of the support screws was all that was needed for a short-term fix.

Octogonal screw

Only problem is where is the correct octo-wrench?

Now, before you start laughing at me again, this is my original tool box.

Years ago (years AND years), one of the smartest things I received as a gift from my parents was a few common tools presented in this not-as-sturdy-as-it-used-to-be-but-sturdy-enough cardboard fruit basket. 

tool box

I got the tools as a house warming gift when I moved into my very first apartment. And I must say, it has been one of the most lasting gifts I've ever received. If you're looking for ideas for that college-bound co-ed, newly-wed, or first-time renter, this is a fantastic gift. It's not sexy in the least, but the first time I had to fix a toilet urgently, I thanked all that is holy because I had the proper tools.

Granted, I've added to the box over the years, and not always very efficiently - it could also use a good purging, but not on this day.

I was on the hunt for the right octo-wrench (I'm certain that's not the right term). I have, of course saved all the octo-wrenches that came with every cheapo assemble-yourself piece of furniture I've purchased over the years.

Octogonal wrench

After a bit of trial and error, the match was made and the leaning tower leans a bit less now.

Back to the task at hand.

On Saturday, I wandered into Michael's on task to purchase a pillow form. Got the pillow form, and a 70% off sign caught my eye (as these signs do!). All the summer storage box supply was on sale. 70% off! SQUIRREL!

Couldn't resist. I purchased one for some thread storage. Then I got a 'think' going.

On Sunday, I went back to Michael's and spent a whopping $26 on 4 or 5 boxes, came home, and set upon my target - those top two shelves on the leaning tower of bakers rack.

Granted the boxes are covered cardboard. Definitely temporary. But then so is the baker's rack.

Let the purging begin!

You can see that this little unit is really an office paper tray. In my world, it's collecting small decorative boxes with pins and jewelry items. The two side drawers are perfect to stow more small items.

organized boxes

drawers contain more stuff

My husband will tell you that I have an 'issue' with Swatch watches! It's not an 'issue' it's a happy obsession!

One of the new long, skinny boxes is dedicated to my Swatch collection.

Did you know that Swatch means 'wear more than one watch?' Um. I actually think that means "Swatch has a brilliant marketing department." I still gotta have my little party on my arm.

swatch wrist watch storage

With the collection of old empty jewelry boxes and various accumulated junk sorted and gone, there is now space for a dish full of Christmas pins, and a second one for Halloween pins - that Halloween stack needs some work! The ghost pin is pretty cute, right? I don't even remember when I got it! It was lost in the former leaning tower of bakers rack!

Dish of christmas pins

dish of halloween pins

And that shoebox hides a bunch of worn boxes with pieces that I couldn't part with. But they are now inside a box. Accessible, but not eye-scorching.

shoe box organizer

what's inside shoebox organizer

Such a relief! So much dirt and accumulated yuck, gone. With all the boxes holding their respective treasures, I can now actually dust around things easily!

Wait! What?! Did I actually say the D-word as a VERB? Don't tell Dave - I don't want to elevate his expectations!

Next up, the bottom two shelves. But not this week. Much too hot to be sorting through wool sweaters. This can wait. After all, it's only temporary!

By the way, I have a 'Swatch' affliction for slippers.

One never knows when you need to make the toesies cozy!

bottom part of shelf, still needs work.

I feel much better now. How about you? Do you have a 'temporary' space that needs an update, temporarily?

Happy Stitching!


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