Thursday, August 22, 2019

Time Out!

I'm a bit distracted today. It has been a while since I've gone on a sewing retreat, just for me. I love them. It's kinda why I got into the whole quilting thing to start with. Quilting is a social sport, after all.

This time I'm headed to a stitchery retreat a bit later this morning, and I'm really excited to work on the stuff I'm bringing, excited to meet new people and see what they're working on, and excited for a short change in routine, just for the weekend.

Do you know the feeling? Are you a retreat person, or a sew-alone person?

Of course, there are the decisions . . . what to bring. . .

Couple evenings ago at my embroidery guild meeting, I learned how to make these little starfish. Mine (shown) isn't done yet, it's about the size of a quarter and still has a few rounds left. Don't look too closely, I'm rusty with the beading, and this isn't perfect. . .

This starfish, when it's done will be part of a nautical-themed holiday tree at the Festival of Trees at the Everson Museum in Syracuse later this year. The guild is sponsoring a tree and all the decorations are going to be hand made. From what I've seen of the decorations being completed, it's shaping up quite nicely!

I might have to make an extra starfish or two for myself after this one is finished! . . . They are a little like potato chips . . . .

But it made me dig out the beading stuff and pack it up to take with me to the retreat. . . . because you can always add one more project to the list, right? I have already packed enough stuff to keep me busy for three WEEKS, unfortunately, the getaway is three DAYS.

I'm also taking along this peacock book mark that is morphing into a peacock wall-hanging. I am modifying the pattern from one that appeared in a single issue magazine (aff.) at a news stand about a year ago.

It's moving right along and I'm almost ready to start the fabric borders.

More news coming soon about a new quilty-stitchery group with the Hummingbird Highway!! So slow, on my end, right? I know, I sound like a broken record. Just gotta DO it!

And, the letter blocks are still on the project list - I'm up to 'P'. This will be a quilt. . . eventually!

Some have asked where to get these alphabet pattern charts by Erica Michaels. You can get the charts HERE. Each letter features a different stitch, along with cross stitch, so it's a really interesting sampler.

The charts feature Rainbow Gallery threads, but I've been substituting from my thread stash, and changing colors to match the fabrics I 'm working with.

And maybe a new project or two . . . or three. . . or  ??

This collection of threads/floss in my handy-dandy pencil case from the school supply bins at Staples is a Christmas stitchery project. Honestly, it's probably low on new project start list. Gotta, gotta, gotta finish some stuff first!

And, of course, I'm taking my sewing machine, just in case!

I hope I have enough room in the car for a change of clothes!

Happy Stitching!

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