Thursday, January 30, 2020

Feeling In Between

With as many projects I have started, I am a finisher by nature and if I'm progressing along on things and not finishing one or two from time to time, I can feel a bit out of sorts!

All I have to do is look around my sewing space(s) and I can see why I feel so 'in between' lately.

For starters, there's the Hawaii Cruise project. It's a secret so I can't show you much more than this. It's going to be really pretty project, but I am still waiting for delivery on some of the fabrics I need to finish it. And so I wait.

If you're coming on the trip, are you getting excited to get your hands on these lovelies!?

While I wait for that fabric to arrive, there is certainly plenty to do!

The stitched alphabet blocks I started a year ago are all done and trimmed to size. They feature my Stitchery Crossover technique.

I have decided on a speckled blue print for the sashing - the speckles will nicely pick up the block colors. I'll use scraps from the blocks to make a pieced border.

It's good to have a plan, now I just have to execute it!

This lovely heart stitchery from a recent Cross Stitcher Magazine, is done. I think it's going to become a pillow.

The fabrics are selected, cut and ready for the next steps.

I have a plan (check!)

I need to execute it! (no check yet!)

If you've been following along for a while, you know I've been trying my hand at a bunch of stitchery stuff.

This is my first attempt at using a slate frame instead of hoops to hold the stitching fabric. I use the term 'first' very loosely. This may actually have been my third or fourth attempt to get the fabric on the frame just right and taught enough to stitch. I'm certain there is a trick (or two) I'm missing.

The fabric preparation was quite an adventure. One I'm not sure yet that I would recommend with enthusiasm. It was a bit of a wrestling match that I'm not sure I won!

The project is going to be a stitch sampler which will, eventually, be turned into a notions holder. I think. Clear as mud, right? It's a guild thing, a little bit of a mystery at this stage.

Back at the sewing machine, the four-patch pin cushions just keep coming. I think I have fabrics cut (from ages ago) for about a half-dozen more.

The partially completed puffs are stacked in a sewing basket waiting for surface embroidery and beading to cute-ify them.

One at a time. Or so I keep repeating to myself.

I have been asked to provide more detailed instructions for these. . . coming soon, I promise!

It would be grand if I could manage to finish one of these before the next Good Migrations issue. Perhaps the stitched heart pillow is the best horse in the race. I'll concentrate on that one. Even odds, I'd say.

Do you every feel in between, too?

Happy Stitching!

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